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The INBOUND16 Quotes You Must Read


INBOUND16 was once again an unbeatable conference. From the keynote speakers such as Anna Kendrick and Serena Williams to the individual breakout sessions filled with industry leaders and, of course, Club INBOUND, our team had a great week in Boston (thanks, HubSpot!). While there, we compiled a list of share-worthy quotes for you to indulge in - some are downright hilarious, while others speak to the business and marketing world. Enjoy!


[Infographic] 2016 Holiday eCommerce Trends and Statistics


As the holiday season nears, consumers everywhere are paying more attention to their favorite retailers and exploring the best gift options for that uncle who is nearly impossible to buy for. It’s a time of year in which competition grows, and the urge to gain shoppers interests is a must - especially when it comes to generating the majority of their sales within just a few days.

For the third year in a row, we have gone ahead and compiled the top trends retailers are going to want to watch to outperform their competition and sell their merchandise to easily distracted consumers everywhere. Read on to check out our handy infographic highlighting 2016 holiday e-commerce trends and statistics.


5 Reasons Why You Need A Remarketing Campaign


With so many ads being shown to consumers on a daily basis, it’s important that your brand is at the top of their minds when making buying decisions. Today, ads need to be eye-catching with a straightforward message and CTA. Without those things, your ad could become a needle in a haystack. Beyond that, it’s also important to take into consideration a remarketing campaign. This allows your ad to show up to the audience who has already viewed your ad once, allowing the consumer to identify your brand on a constant basis. Read on to learn the benefits of including a remarketing campaign alongside your display ads and how your conversions and ROI can benefit.


Why Is Paid Search Important For My Business?


With consumers searching online every second of the day to help make their buying decisions, it’s more important than ever to take up as much online real estate as possible to beat out your competition. Even if your brand is already exceeding revenue expectations, imagine what the results would look like with a strategic digital marketing tactic in place that produces instant traffic to your website and landing pages.  That’s where a paid search campaign comes into play.

By employing paid search for your business, you not only compliment your overall SEO strategy, but you have more control over placing your brand at the top of search engine results versus relying on organic results. Additionally, you can increase the number of click-throughs you see to your website or landing page(s), as well as increase the probability of conversion rate.


How To Create Remarkable Content


The term ‘remarkable content’ gets tossed around a lot. In fact, so much so that we might be losing sight as to why it is part of the core foundation that goes into producing a successful inbound marketing campaign. Creating content is one thing, but actually creating content that users will want to share, consume and really benefit from is where the remarkable side comes into play - and where you will see benefit to your marketing goals.

However, what differentiates content from remarkable content? We have compiled a list of five primary items that will clarify what remarkable content should look like - read on to learn more!


How To Run An Inbound Marketing Campaign


Inbound Marketing has revolutionized the way marketing agencies target their audiences. Tactics such as commercials, billboards, and direct mailers are no longer a sufficient and effective way for consumers to learn about new products. Instead, inbound marketing allows buyers to learn about and pay attention to goods and services when they are ready.

To run a successful inbound marketing campaign, there are several tactics that can be used to drive results. Read on to discover exactly what you need to implement your campaign today!