15 Facebook Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

Written by Lauren Austin

We thought it would be fun to provide you with some interesting Facebook stats and facts that you probably weren’t aware of. They just might make you look like a rockstar at work or a total Facebook whiz at an upcoming social event — check 'em out!

With almost 1.5 billion monthly active users (MAUs) worldwide, Facebook is by far the largest and most popular social media site. And because Facebook allows those users to do far more than just keep in touch, the volume of user data and site usage statistics the social networking giant has access to is almost incomprehensible.

15 Fun Facebook Facts

  1. 20,000 people are on Facebook every second 
  2. Every minute, more than 486,000 users access Facebook on a smartphone
  3. 79% of Facebook users access the site from a mobile device
  4. Every day, 745 million people access Facebook from a mobile device
  5. Every minute on Facebook:
    1. 150,000 messages are sent
    2. 3 million posts are created
    3. 500,000 “likes” are recorded
  6. Every 10 minutes, 100,000 Facebook friend requests are sent
  7. Every 15 minutes, 7,246 new users join Facebook
  8. Facebook generates $1.4 million in revenue every hour
  9. Mobile advertising makes up nearly 73% of Facebook’s ad revenue
  10. Facebook earns $2.5 billion per quarter from mobile advertising
  11. In 2014, Facebook generated $12.47 billion in revenue
  12. Every day, roughly 350 million photos are uploaded to Facebook
  13. The average Facebook user spends 21 minutes on the site every day
  14. Senior citizens now make up 31% of the Facebook user population
  15. Every month, users log 927 million hours playing games on Facebook 

Perhaps the most interesting - not to mention frustrating - thing about social media statistics like these is that they change on a daily basis.

Because Facebook is constantly evolving and growing, these stats will likely become outdated within a few months. Regardless, we hope you found these Facebook factoids relevant, useful or at least entertaining :)

We’re looking forward to sharing more Facebook stats in the near future!