3 Things to Remember When You Feel Like Quitting

Written by Ryan Cormier

I don’t care who you are or what you do for a living – everyone feels like quitting at one point or another. But feeling like throwing in the towel doesn’t mean you’re a quitter – it means you’re human.

When times get tough and doubt overshadows our optimism, it’s essential that we remind ourselves of a few important facts. Doing so could dissuade us from abandoning great ideas or projects before they catch fire - keep reading to discover 3 things you'll want to remember next time doubt crosses your mind.

3 Things To Remember When You Feel Like Quitting

1. You’ve come so far

Pouring yourself into your business plan? Struggling to stretch a razor thin marketing budget? Tearing your hair out trying to figure out how you’re going to make payroll? Having a hard time getting comfortable in a new role or work environment?

No matter what challenge you’re currently battling, never lose sight of how far you’ve come! Even though it may feel like you’ve made zero headway – or, worse, gone backwards – the fact is you wouldn’t be where you are today without hard work, dedication and, most importantly, progress.

One mental exercise I find effective is to go back and review my old notes and to-do lists. Even when I feel as if I’ve been treading water, seeing those crossed-off tasks and checked-off to-dos serves as a welcome reminder that I have, indeed, been taking care of business.

The key is to celebrate little wins as much, or more, than big ones. Focusing only on major achievements and milestones is a dangerous game, as it can blind you from the fact that you’ve accomplished a multitude of small, but important, tasks.

2. Your next win is right around the corner

Another benefit to celebrating little wins is the fact that they occur much more frequently than big wins. If you approach your trials with that in mind, you’ll remain confident knowing your next win is right around the corner.

And if you’re part of a team (which most of us are), be sure to recognize and celebrate the wins of your cohorts! Team wins promote collaboration and shared responsibility – win together; lose together. They also help fill the gap between personal wins.

Small wins are as important as big wins!

3. You’re not alone

In the past, I frequently let pride deter me from asking questions and leaning on the experience of my peers. I ended up creating more work for myself and, in the process, missed countless chances to learn and benefit from the successes and failures of those around me.

I’ve since realized that the key to solving challenges swiftly and effectively is to be open to the help of others, and to build knowledgeable, experienced teams to tackle those challenges headfirst. Great employees will push themselves day-in and day-out to create solutions to their business’ complex issues. It’s the leader’s job to consistently recruit, inspire and motivate those employees in the face of adversity.

In addition to your professional network, the Web and social media make it insanely easy to solicit advice and feedback on the issues you’re currently facing. Forums, knowledge-based sites and social networks such as Wikipedia, Quora and Google+ are teeming with individuals who are willing and excited to share their trials and successes with you. Learn from them!

Any time you feel yourself becoming overwhelmed by the thought of taking on your most pressing challenges single-handedly, stay confident knowing that good help is just a conversation, call, email or Tweet away! 

How do YOU power through the desire to quit?

I'm curious to know - what's your secret to overcoming doubt and pressing on when you feel like hanging it up? Leave a comment, or Tweet me @RyanJCormier!