3 Ways To Create A Trending Hashtag

Written by Lauren Austin

A hashtag is a word or phrase preceded by a hash or pound sign (#) and used to identify messages on a specific topic. They help to categorize discussions on social media networks so users can easily find conversations or images that are of interest.

There are many reasons why some hashtags trend more than others. From big followings on social media to breaking news, you’re almost GUARANTEED a trending hashtag if you introduce a hashtag to a massive audience. But what happens if you don’t have a large following on social media just yet? Or, you’re trying to make something trend that hasn’t hit the news? Well, that is where we come in :)

Because we know that getting your hashtag to trend is no easy feat, we’re going to give you three ways to get your hashtag trending across social media networks. Check it out below!

3 Ways To Create a Trending Hashtag

Create a relatable or funny topic that everyone can join in on

On social media, you want to create conversations that people are driven to share. By creating a hashtag that people want to talk about, you are encouraging an engaging social conversation. For example, a hashtag like #ILoveFridaysBecause gives your audience every opportunity to jump into the conversation and provide their reasoning for why they love Friday’s. It doesn't matter if they share something funny, silly, serious, or heartfelt.  As long as you can come up with an engaging hashtag that’s catchy and self-explanatory, you’re on your way to a successful trending hashtag.

Start conversations with other influencers

Now that you’ve created your hashtag, post a relevant comment with your hashtag to your network. In addition to posting it to all of your followers within your network, tag (@) specific influencers with individual posts that also contain your comment and hashtag. Doing this will guarantee that the key influencers and allies within your community will get notifications of this new hashtag.

If you want to take it one step further, once you tag these key influencers and allies, ask them to retweet or share your hashtag and their thoughts on it. Your relationships with your followers and key influencers matter because they are the ones who will be the first to spread your hashtag. Engaging them directly is a sure way to get their attention and get your hashtag seen on a much larger scale.

Have fun!

The best part about social media is the more you engage and interact with people, the bigger your response rate is. That means that you need to get online and push that hashtag! Don’t just tweet or share it with three or four influencers and expect it to go viral. Start engaging conversations with as many key allies as you can before you create your hashtag. Ask them questions about their business, where they like to travel, or even some of their favorite hobbies. Once they see that you’re a human and not a robot sitting behind a computer, they’ll be a lot more likely to embrace your hashtag, invest in it, and push it out to their followers. Remember to have fun and create long lasting relationships!


So there you have it! Trying these three tips will help you create a trending hashtag. If you’re in the mood for a good laugh about the usage of hashtags on social media, check out this video of Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon hilariously recreating a normal human conversation with the use of hashtags in every statement. Enjoy!