4 Things Your Competitors Can Teach You About Digital Marketing

Written by Lauren Austin

Have you ever heard the saying, keep your friends close, and your enemies closer? Those of us in the digital marketing world find that saying incredibly true. Just because your business is competing with other businesses, it doesn’t mean you can’t learn from these businesses. We've outlined 4 things you can learn from your competitors regarding digital marketing.

Since you’re probably competing with local, and/or national businesses in your industry, you need to know who’s doing things right, who’s doing things wrong, and what they’re doing to keep their clients happy. 

At Forward Digital, we always research our client’s competitors. This allows for us to provide our client with an in-depth and extensive breakdown of their competition. We need to know who’s competing with our client, who’s challenging them, and who they can learn from. Our goal is to always give our clients the upper hand on their competition by researching what strategies work and don’t work in their industry.


Online or off, your reputation means everything. What people think of you can make or break your business. We recommend researching other companies in your industry and reading their reviews online. Compare their reviews, and see if you can pull inspiration from THEIR customers to make YOUR customers happy. They could be doing something simple that you can incorporate in to your customer service process.

Social Media

A lot of business owners don’t realize that social media can be an indicator for a business’s success. Comparing your social media pages to your competitors should be done weekly. Take a look at the different social networks they’re using, and the type of customers they're targeting. If they have a lot of followers and are constantly updating their pages, we recommend following their lead. Taking their lead and engaging with your customers will build your business a loyal customer base.


Your business’s web site is important because it’s your first line of defense! As soon as a customer hears about your business, they’re going to Google and research as much information as they can about it. Next to reviews online, and social media, your web site is next in line as far as importance and value to your customer.

Take some time to look at your competitor’s business web site. Really focus on their layout, images, navigation, and anything else that catches your eye. If they seem to be getting more customers than you, try figuring out what they have on their site that you don’t. Taking ideas from their web site will help you design an informative and visually appealing site for your visitors.


Google your business. What comes up? Does your business appear above, or below the fold in the organic results? Are you on page one, or page four? Where does your competitor rank in comparison to you? The way your business ranks online is important because if a customer can’t find your web site, you probably won’t get a lot of business. If your competition ranks ahead of you, that means you need to invest time in to your SEO strategy. A couple of quick fixes are making sure your website is optimized properly, and figuring out what keywords they’re outranking you on.

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