5 AdWords Ad Extensions For More Qualified Leads

Written by Kara Burns

Improving the amount of qualified clicks that your paid search ads receive is something every AdWords advertiser strives to achieve. It signifies the increased chances of converting a lead into a customer. While there are several ways to reach  this goal, adding specific ad extensions to your ads can be an effective solution.

Read on to discover the top five ad extensions you can include in your ads and start generating more qualified leads today!

Ad extensions ‘extend’ the length of your ads. They provide more information and context to give users better insight before making the decision to click your ad. They are beneficial to help consumers understand if the service or product you are advertising for will be useful to them; thus allowing for more qualified leads.

Furthermore, ad extensions can help with the following:

  • Better user experience
  • Higher click-through rates
  • Increased search visibility
  • Added value without the added cost

5 Ad Extensions You Should Be Using

Sitelink Extensions

The most beneficial reason to use sitelink extensions is to allow users to click directly on the page most relevant to them. Adding this extension also takes up additional real estate on the search engine results allowing your ad to stand out from the rest.

Call Extensions

With mobile becoming the dominant platform for users, call extensions have become indispensable. These extensions include your phone number with the ad making it easy for a user to simply click to call you. Within AdWords, you have the option to specify the duration of the call to count towards a conversion (ex: if a call lasts 60 seconds or longer, it will count as a conversion - if it doesn’t last 60 seconds, it will not count towards a conversion).

Location Extensions

If you have a business with several locations, it’s important to show users which location is closest to them. This can be done through location extensions and will display your address, phone number and business hours.

Call-out Extensions

By including call-out extensions, you have the ability to include four additional pieces of information into your ads. Additionally, if you use this extension campaign-wide, all your ads will include more information beyond the two lines of text. These can be used to call out your experience, stellar customer service or promotion you are running - or anything else you feel will add value.

Review Extensions

A great way to showcase your reviews to potential leads is to highlight them in your ads. Review extensions allow reviews to be shown and help a user make their decision easier.

By adding extensions into your ads, you will be on your way to generating a higher click-through rate with more qualified leads.

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