5 Myths About Digital Marketing

Written by Kara Burns

As the marketing industry as a whole continues to evolve, different opinions and ideas come to life, with some leading to myths and misconceptions. Until you read the facts about digital marketing today, and where it is going, it's hard to decipher myth from fact. We are here to help you understand what is true in today's digital marketing world. 

SEO is dead

This couldn't be further from the truth. SEO isn't dead so to speak, it's evolving. When you understand how SEO helps in your digital marketing efforts, you come to realize that it is still relevant and continues to boost your website higher in the rankings if done correctly. When you engage in digital marketing efforts, you want to still focus in on SEO best practices such as meta tag descriptions, and using keywords in the URL to bring your content and website towards the top of organic search results.

Website traffic = impacftul digital marketing efforts

Rather than focusing in on the 'number' of visitors you have to your website, shift your focus to thinking in terms of 'quality'. As long as you remember to make your website user-friendly and provide a more personalized approach to your content, the quality of visitor and likelihood of them converting, will tend to be higher.

Sticking to just one social media platform will be enough

With more and more social networks popping up these days, it can get a bit overwhelming at times to focus on more than one social networking platform. And some might think, 'If I have one, why do I need 2 or 3?'. Think about it this way, if you have a potential audience out there and half are on one network while the others are on another, how will you reach your entire audience if your only on one platform? If your clients and future clients can't find you on social media, they might move on to your competitor. 

My industry won't interest people online

Just because you think your industry isn't buzz worthy, doesn't mean that it actually is. If you take into consideration a locksmith, you might wonder why it's important to put out content, be relevant on social media, or even continually update your website. But when your potential customers lock themselves out or need assistance on anything lock related, they will engage in a search and look for the most relevant phone number to call or blog post to read. 

I can put any content I want on my website

Sure it might take less time to put a generic blog post together, but if you take the extra time to really utilize keywords and target your audience correctly, you might see even higher conversion rates and visitors to your website. Not only will you see more qualified leads, but your organic search results may even rank higher.

Now that you are familiar with what is and isn't true in the digital marketing world, take a look at our SEO guide to help you with tips and inside knowledge on the top 10 SEO mistakes you want to avoid next time you are looking into redesign your website, or just need some additional SEO knowledge.