5 Paid Search Experts You Should Be Following on Twitter

Written by Lauren Austin

Understanding paid search advertising can be really tough. It takes time and patience to comprehend and digest everything that goes into a great campaign. And, of course, just when you feel like you have all the techniques for paid search down and your campaign is running smoothly, something changes or needs to be updated. Because paid search is constantly evolving, success requires paid search marketers to update their approach and campaign strategy on an ongoing basis.

So the question is, how do you keep your paid search campaigns up-to-date, while also growing your knowledge / expertise? One tactic we recommend is using Twitter to follow paid search experts who offer a wide range of knowledge. We’ve compiled a list of our 5 favorite paid search leaders with VERY impressive backgrounds. These experts will help you better understand paid search, improve your current paid search campaigns, and continue building on your knowledge!

5 Paid Search Experts You Should Be Following On Twitter

Larry Kim

Larry Kim founded WordStream in 2007. He provided the company with internet consulting services while funding/managing a team of engineers and marketers to develop and sell software for search engine marketing automation. On Twitter, Larry tends to post graphics, graphs with important data, and links to his presentations that display trending and up-to-date information on paid search, social media and digital marketing as a whole. Below is an example of what you will see once you begin following him on Twitter:



David Rodnitzky

David Rodnitzky is founder and CEO of 3Q Digital, a position he has held since the Company’s inception in 2008. Prior to starting 3Q Digital, he held senior marketing roles at several Internet companies. David currently serves on advisory boards for several companies, including Marin Software, MediaBoost, and Mediacause. David often tweets about trending Google updates, the latest 3Q Digital whitepapers on paid search, and articles he has written that are published (He writes for Huffingtonpost!). The tweet below is an example of an informative reports he often posts:


Elizabeth Marsten

Elizabeth Marsten is the Vice President of Search Marketing at Portent, Inc. a full-service internet marketing agency in Seattle, WA. She oversees the paid search, SEO, social, analytics and content teams, has spoken at Search Marketing Expo and MozCon, and is an author on lynda.com. If you search for Elizabeth up on Twitter, you will find great articles that really help beginners understand digital marketing, tweets relating to the importance of paid search and how to map out your campaign, and fun photos of her dog and family. Check out an example of her tweets that cater to beginners below:


Matt Van Wagner

Matt Van Wagner is President and founder of Find Me Faster - a search engine marketing firm based in Nashua, NH. He is a member of SEMNE (Search Engine Marketing New England), and SEMPO, the Search Engine Marketing Professionals Organization as a member and contributing courseware developer for the SEMPO Institute. Matt writes occasionally on the Internet, search engines and technology topics for IMedia, The NH Business Review and other publications. On Twitter, he's pretty funny and enjoys posting entertaining content. With his tweets, he can also help shape your roadmap for PPC and digital marketing efforts. Below is an example of his digital marketing humor on Twitter:


Frederick Vallaeys

Frederick Vallaeys is a former AdWords Evangelist. One of Google's first 500 employees, Frederick recently created three tools to improve AdWords results using automation. He’s the co-founder of Optmyzr, a contributor for Search Engine Land, and has been a speaker at the Search Marketing Expo and HeroConf. A lot of his posts on Twitter are centered around the importance of SEO to your brand, ways to use social media to increase your reach, and the importance of content marketing. Below is an example of one of his tweets:

So there you have it! Those are our 5 favorite paid search experts to follow on Twitter. If you're interested in learning more about paid search and inbound marketing, follow us @ForwardLasVegas.

You'll see that in addition to posting about paid search and inbound marketing, we also like to focus on trending news, hot topics, and anything interesting that's going on the world. We look forward to seeing you on Twitter :)

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