5 Project Management Tools That Will Help Your Team Stay Organized

Written by Lauren Austin

How does your team stay organized? Do they do it they “old fashioned” way and write down their daily tasks in a notebook, or do they keep everything saved to their computer or hard drive?

We ask these questions because we know that everyone organizes their work day differently. Some people have great memories and don’t need to write things down, and others may need to document every single meeting and team call to make sure they don’t miss a thing. In this post, we've outlined five amazing project management tools that will help your team stay organized and efficient!

The way your team organizes each day correlates with how your projects are managed. Do you have processes in place that help your team submit their tasks on time — while also keeping the rest of your team, and clients, in the loop? If not, it’s crucial that you take the time to develop project management processes, and create an expectation that everyone within your company must adopt your project management style when hired.

When developing your project management processes and styles, we highly recommend taking the time to research multiple project management tools. The right project management software will keep your team organized, take the guesswork out of managing your projects, help your team communicate more efficiently, and, ultimately, save you time and money.  

Below, we've outlined five project management tools that we recommend you check out:

5 Project Management Tools Worth Investigating


Basecamp is considered one of the top project management tools because it’s been around for a very long time. Plus, it provides an easy-to-use interface to collaborate with your team and clients.

Basecamp allows users to create multiple projects, set up discussions, write to-do lists, manage files, create and share documents, and organize dates for scheduling. In addition, Basecamp also allows you to manage your projects from your mobile device — on the go.


Zoho has all of the necessary features that you need for project management. This tool boasts advanced features for large companies that need help managing a large pool of clients. These advanced features include detailed reporting, integration with cloud storage services like Google Apps and Dropbox, bug tracking, the ability to create Wiki Pages to build repositories of information, forums, and more.


Wrike is a flexible project management tool that provides general work management and collaboration services. The software makes collaboration and resource-sharing a breeze, and is great for companies of all shapes and sizes. Plus, it features a ton of integrations. And while it's a bit more expensive than other project management platforms, it has three key selling points:  it's super easy to set up, it requires little training to use, and it allows for teams to stop jumping back and forth between different work and communication tools so they can get all their work done — in a single, customizable space.


Trello isn’t your “typical” project management software. It’s a free app that allows you and your team to see an entire project — with a single view. Trello is based on cards that serve as your thoughts, conversations, and to-do lists. These cards can be placed on a board for everyone to contribute to. Although it’s different, it’s a great tool that also happens to be free! They do offer a gold package for $45 / year, which extends larger attachments, extra sticker packs, saved searches, and more.


Call us biased, but this is our top pick when it comes to project management software. Our team uses Teamwork Projects, and we love it! We enjoy this tool because it offers a range of flexible subscription levels for teams of all sizes. Plus, the Teamwork platform reduces virtually all of the pains of project management. It provides us with all the tools needed to manage projects, keep an eye on billable hours, create and share documents, share resources with clients, and much, much more. Plus, it even has an interactive chat feature that helps us stay connected throughout the day.

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