5 Skills Every Digital Marketer Should Have

Written by Kara Burns

As Digital Marketers, there are several challenges we face on a day to day basis, but there will always be one continual challenge: the rate at which our industry is evolving. It takes more than just the ability to produce high quality content; rather it also takes the skills necessary to be relevant now and as the digital marketing world progresses. So, we have gone ahead and provided 5 skills every digital marketer should have if they want to keep growing.

1. Writing

One of the most important skills to have as a digital marketer is the ability to write. This is the channel in which you should be able to communicate clearly and precisely to persuade your ideas. In digital marketing, there are several aspects that revolve around the ability to write great copy including blog posts, website content, etc.

2. Search Engine Optimization

On top of creating the content, it’s important to understand how to optimize it in a way that will rank high when searched for through Google. As digital marketers, we should be able to understand the importance of relevant keywords in content as well as how to optimize websites properly using meta titles and descriptions, etc.

3. Social Media Marketing

Another skill we need to succeed as digital marketers is the ability to market on social media. This is different than running a paid ad campaign on Facebook, rather the ability to fully comprehend how each platform works, which one’s to focus in on and how to effectively interact with your audience.

4. Analysis

These days to create a successful marketing campaign it’s imperative to be able to understand and analyze the data that goes along with it.  Once the campaign is set up the process doesn’t end there. Continual analysis of the data can give you insight as to how well your campaign is performing and where improvements can be made. 

5. Email Marketing

Often times email marketing can get lost in the mix of other tactics. However, this is a great skill to have in order to manage email lists and to nurture your target audience. It opens up the door for targeted marketing initiatives, incentives to your audience – such as exclusive news or offers - and the ability to create a unique relationship with your customers. Email marketing is also another way to measure how successful some of your marketing efforts are and how to capture your target audience’s attention.

With all of that being said, there are many skills that we as digital marketers need to have in our toolbox in order to be successful and it’s important to be able to keep up with those skills while learning new ones. If you find yourself needing an SEO refresher, download our SEO guide below on how to avoid mistakes during your next website redesign.