5 Time Tracking Tools When Your Team Works Remote

Written by Lauren Austin

At Forward Digital, our entire team works remotely. From Las Vegas, all the way to Virginia, we have employees working all over the country. To be honest, remote work works well for our team. Because our #1 priority is to hire hardworking, self-disciplined, go-getters, we never have to worry about team members slacking off on projects or missing deadlines.

While we don’t have to worry about our team, we do have a pretty strict rule in place that states that every single person on the team (including our President!) must track their time efficiently. We don’t ask our team members to track their time to keep tabs on them - we ask them to track their time because it allows for the team to see how their day is spent. For project management purposes, it allows for us to bill our clients based on the hours we devote to each client.

Because we feel that tracking time is crucial to a business's development, we’re providing you with 5 of our favorite time tracking tools. Check them out!

5 Time Tracking Tools When Your Team Works Remote


Time Doctor’s software helps individuals and organizations be more productive. Its focus is to help prevent people from wasting their life on distractions and instead finish what is important to them. Time Doctor helps businesses achieve a better work-life balance by facilitating work from home and remote working arrangements.

If you’re the type of company that needs to keep a watchful eye over your employees, Time Doctor allows for you to track the websites and applications used while people are working and your managers can receive a report listing potentially "poor-time-use" websites, and how long they employees used them. While this may be a little invasive for some businesses, it’s the perfect time tracking tool if your employees occasionally work from home.



If your team uses Basecamp as their project management software, then Roadmap is the time tracking tool for them.  Because Basecamp does not have a feature that supports time tracking, Roadmap's FREE browser extension allows you to log time from within Basecamp.

One of the best features in Roadmap is that you can track actual time alongside your planned time for projects.  If you slot three hours for a project, and you realize that it’s almost taken you five hours to complete, Roadmap will keep you on task and notify you once you go past your three hours of work time.



Tickspot is a straightforward time tracking software that can help your team run more profitable projects. This easy to use software tracks your time against your budgets which gives you the best opportunity to remain profitable. The great thing about Tickspot is that you can track your time from anywhere. Whether you prefer iOS, Android, the Apple Watch, or your desktop computer, Tickspot allows for you to enter time from anywhere - all while keeping your projects on time and  budget.

If you’re looking for a time tracking software that can also provide you with real-time budget tracking, this is the software for you. Each time you submit a time entry, Tickspot will update your project and task budgets in real-time and reports it back to you. This information helps you identify issues before they cost you time and money.



If you’re a big planner, and you like mapping out your day before it happens, then Timely is right up your alley. Timely allows for you to schedule your hours as far in advance as you need to.  Whether it's weekly, daily, or even just a few hours ahead, moving your schedule to Timely will allow for you to log hours simultaneously.

Another benefit of using Timely is that it helps you delegate work to employees and see who has too much on their plate. By being able to see your team’s schedules before they begin their work day, you can add or remove work to make sure everyone has an equal workload.



While we approve of all the time tracking software that we covered, Harvest is by far our favorite! Of course, we’re a little bit biased because this is the time tracking software that our team uses. Our most favorite feature in Harvest is that it syncs with our project management software, Teamwork. Rather than tracking time manually through Harvest and managing projects through Teamwork, we’re able to do both at the same time! Whenever we start working on a project, we can track our time in live time in Teamwork, or we can calculate our time spent on projects and add it to Teamwork at the end of the day. With our team working remote, Harvest is a lifesaver for keeping track of hours spent on client work and keeping the team aware of where their time is spent in a day.

If you’re interested in transitioning your team to more of a remote workplace, check out one of our older blogs that provides some best practices for working remote.