5 Tools Every Digital Marketer Needs

Written by Kara Burns

Digital Marketing has grown immensely throughout the past few years, and continues to be one of the top tactics to utilize to grow and maintain your business. It can be used in nearly every setting from B2B and B2C to non-profits, etc. So for all the digital marketers out there, or business that want to start utilizing digital marketing, here are 5 of the top tools you’ll want in your toolbox.

Website & Blog

First and foremost, your website is the ‘tool’ that will make either a great impression of potential clients or it won’t. This is what all digital marketing efforts will eventually lead back to, and what will influence clients to take the next step of contacting you. On top of that, having a blog generally goes hand in hand with having a website. Your blog serves as your ‘space on the internet’. You can control your content, and provide a space where your current and future clients can come to soak up any information they need regarding your business and products or related content you want to share.


It’s no secret Facebook has a lot of users, but when you take a moment to consider the actual amount of users Facebook has – over 1 billion worldwide – you won’t want to overlook this wide-reaching tool in your digital marketing efforts.

Start by creating a Facebook Business page – this will give your business a social media attraction and footprint. The second aspect that can be of use for digital marketing is the ability to advertise and market to specific target audiences.  


Outside of Facebook, another social tool to take advantage of is LinkedIn. To showcase your business in a more ‘professional’ light, utilize a LinkedIn company page to highlight why you're better than your competitors. This is also a great resource to network and reach out to your target audience through a professional site.

Email Marketing

There are several different routes you can take with digital marketing to get your business in front of the right target audience, but email marketing can do it in a more personalized manor. Having the ability to reach out to your list of contacts via email allows you to provide carefully crafted messages to your target audience and allows them to get to know your brand better. This is a great way to offer special promotions, send out company updates or show customer appreciation. There are countless offers you can send through email including refer a friend discount, which will allow your network of customers to grow through your existing ones.

Google Analytics

If you are going to put the effort in to running a digital marketing campaign, it’s important to measure your results with actual data. Google Analytics allows you to see several different metrics such as where your traffic is coming from, bounce rate, number of visitors, what pages are your visitors looking at, how long are they staying on those pages, etc. Without numbers and data telling you exactly what is going on with your digital marketing efforts, you will have no way to benchmark your results and improve your content to attract more qualified leads and customers.