7 Quick Ways To Boost Blog Engagement

Written by Kara Burns

User engagement is one of the most important aspects of a good blog. It signifies that you are doing something right, and people are enjoying the content you are creating. If, however, your blog has a high bounce rate and continues to drive people away, there are several tactics you can administer to get your blog up to speed with a higher user engagement rate.

Read on to learn tactics that will drive more engagement to your blog — you can even start implementing them today!

If you’ve noticed a lack in the number of readers on your blog lately, it might be time to put in place a few best practices into your blogging strategy to maintain a high organic ranking. Below are seven quick tactics to start driving more blog engagement:

Keep your paragraphs short

Too much text can be an overwhelming sight when readers first visit your blog - which is a good enough reason for them to leave and never return.  

Try keeping your blog post paragraphs to 1-3 sentences, leaving plenty of white space for your readers to digest your content quickly. Additionally, by keeping paragraphs short, you can build up to your main point and have it stand out at the end of the post for the most impact.

Always include a subscription form

An excellent way to capture readers is to give them the option to subscribe to your blog. By doing so, each time you publish a post, your readers will be notified and can easily return to read your new content.

It is possible to add call-to-action (CTA) button at the end of each post leading them to a simple form to fill out. Generally speaking, your subscription form should only ask for a first name, last name and email address.

Promote your blog posts on social media

Although this may seem obvious in today's world, it is a tactic that shouldn't go unmentioned. Social media is a great way to share blog posts and is relatively straightforward to do.

Additionally, there are several plugins to choose from that can be added to your blog for easy social sharing. When blog posts get a higher amount of shares, the more likely Google is to reward your post in the search rankings.


Include visuals

If you want to enhance your overall experience for readers, images are a great way to do so. Including images in your blog will also help with social sharing from your readers. With visual content taking dominating digital marketing, images are crucial. Furthermore, images help image search engine traffic and rankings.


Write for your target audience

Depending on your audience, there are two main writing styles you can follow: casual with a more friendly and conversational tone, or formal and with a business-like tone. It is important to match the tone of your blog to your readers so they stay engaged and get a sense of what your blog is trying to convey.

If you are unsure of which tone of voice to use, there are a few deciding factors. For blogs that are about fitness, food, marketing, personal blogs, etc., a more casual and conversation tone is appropriate.

Blogs that tend to focus on business should have a more formal, business-like writing style.

Promote related blog content

The best way to keep readers on your blog is to promote related blog content at the end of each blog post. Make sure to link 2-3 additional blog posts for them to move onto to keep them engaged. By doing so, you are also allowing them to see more great content and subscribe to your blog if they have not already.

Make sure your blog has a fast load time

Waiting for a page to load is not an attractive quality to have; therefore, it is important that your blog page load time remain competitive.

Furthermore, having a fast load time also bumps you up in Google search rankings - ideally, your page should load in 2 seconds or less. Page speed is crucial for landing that number one spot, as well as getting visitors to your blog.

There are several free tools available to give you insight into your blog's page load time such as Pingdom and GTmetrix.