8 Free Stock Image Websites You Need To Use

Written by Kara Burns

Images are an essential element to any website, blog post, social media post, or content marketing piece. In fact, by including visuals, users are 80% more likely to read a piece of content. Additionally, with social media contributing to an expanding portion of digital marketing attention, visuals are an essential element in generating higher engagement rates.  That's where stock imagery comes into play, and it does not have to be as expensive as you might think. In fact, you can get high-quality stock images for free.

Yes, we said it - for free.

Read on to find out the top eight websites that offer free stock imagery you will love.

Images can make or break a piece of content in today’s digital world. To prove that statement, here are three impactful statistics to reinforce the importance of compelling visuals:

  • Only 10% of information is retained just three days after being verbally communicated. However, add an image to that same information, people will remember 65% of the information three days later.
  • Content created with relevant images will generate 94% more views than content created without visuals
  • Tweets with images will earn an average of 150% more retweets than tweets that contain text only

Listed below are the top eight free stock image sites you can start using today. Happy downloading!



Unsplash provides free range when it comes to their downloads, which means users are allowed to modify, copy and use all photos without attributions.

On top of that, every ten days they provide ten new photos so your selection will always be fresh with new content.

Startup Stock Photos


"Free photos for startups, bloggers, publishers, websites, designers, developers, creators, & everyone else."

If any of the above describes you, then Startup Stock Photos is your new go-to site - although they target startups, hence the name, they cater to a wide variety of marketers.  Their extensive selection of imagery is bound to meet your needs!

Life Of Pix


This free stock site provided by Leeroy Advertising Agency in Montreal presents high-resolution images for their users. All images are donated and are available for personal or commercial use.

On top of that, all images from this website are free of copyright restraints.



Pexels dedicate themselves to adding 50 new, high-quality stock photos on a daily basis. They search the web every day for only the best free stock images and provide them to you with no attribution required. Additionally, all images can be used for personal or commercial use.  

If that was not convincing enough, they have a user-friendly search bar at the top of their website, allowing users to find exactly what they are looking for.

IOS Republic


IOS Republic not only provides high-quality stock imagery for free on their website but also to your inbox. If you are looking for additional, free and exclusive stock imagery delivered right to you, then IOS Republic is for you.

Furthermore, they work hard to make sure their images are usable for "designers, developers, bloggers, marketers and social media teams".

Negative Space


With photos free of copyright restrictions and 20 brand new photos added weekly, Negative Space is a handy option for all your stock image needs. Their collection consists of images from abstract and animals to technology and people, and everything in-between.



PicJumbo is all you need and more when it comes to free stock images. New photos are added on a daily basis and come with the option to be delivered to your inbox. Furthermore, the site offers affordable membership options starting at $10/month.

In addition to their extensive selection, PicJumbo has a Photoshop plugin option that allows you to access images at your fingertips.