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How To Create Remarkable Content


The term ‘remarkable content’ gets tossed around a lot. In fact, so much so that we might be losing sight as to why it is part of the core foundation that goes into producing a successful inbound marketing campaign. Creating content is one thing, but actually creating content that users will want to share, consume and really benefit from is where the remarkable side comes into play - and where you will see benefit to your marketing goals.

However, what differentiates content from remarkable content? We have compiled a list of five primary items that will clarify what remarkable content should look like - read on to learn more!


How To Run An Inbound Marketing Campaign


Inbound Marketing has revolutionized the way marketing agencies target their audiences. Tactics such as commercials, billboards, and direct mailers are no longer a sufficient and effective way for consumers to learn about new products. Instead, inbound marketing allows buyers to learn about and pay attention to goods and services when they are ready.

To run a successful inbound marketing campaign, there are several tactics that can be used to drive results. Read on to discover exactly what you need to implement your campaign today!


How To Get More Blog Subscribers

How to get more subscribers to my blog

Creating and implementing a blog has become a relatively straightforward process, and the number of blogs on the web continues to grow every day. However, certain aspects can differentiate your blog from your competitors; one of them being subscriber base. To generate the traffic you want to your blog, it’s important to have loyal readers in place that will continually view your content and share it with their networks.

Growing your subscriber base can come as a challenge - it’s not uncommon to hit a plateau and see a decline in overall subscribers at some point. In order overcome this, there are tactics you can put in place to continue growing your reader base.


How Targeted Ads Can Help You Connect With Your Social Audience


Social media has provided marketers with a brand new set of tools to add to their disposal of marketing tactics over the past decade. However, with social media becoming increasingly popular since the birth of Facebook and platforms such as Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram have come into play, there is a lot more noise surrounding the space - making it harder to truly connect with your target audience.

To overcome this challenge, there is one particular solution you can employ to drive meaningful traffic to your brand: Targeted Ads. Read on to discover why social ads are entirely worth it when trying to connect with your target audience.


What is Snapchat Memories and how does it work?


Snapchat was first made popular by providing the ability to share content instantly while having it disappear seconds later. It revolutionized the way we experienced moments with our friends without the need to be there. The company has since expanded its capabilities; introducing ‘Stories’ in 2013, and now a new feature called ‘Memories’.

While the social media platform may be trying to expand their offerings, there may come a point that it starts to blend in with all other social media sites. Read on to discover what Snapchat Memories is and how Snapchat is starting to adapt to the future.


5 AdWords Ad Extensions For More Qualified Leads


Improving the amount of qualified clicks that your paid search ads receive is something every AdWords advertiser strives to achieve. It signifies the increased chances of converting a lead into a customer. While there are several ways to reach  this goal, adding specific ad extensions to your ads can be an effective solution.

Read on to discover the top five ad extensions you can include in your ads and start generating more qualified leads today!