Create Your Next Social Media Plan With These Easy Steps

Written by Kara Burns

Social media is everywhere these days, and has evolved from personal use, to a digital marketing tool nearly every business is/or should be using. On the surface level, creating a  social media plan is essential, and should outline everything you would like to see achieved by using social media. The more you include in the plan, the more effective you should find it to be. We've outlined the basic steps you should follow to create a concise plan to implement among your organization.

Objectives and goals

The first rule in creating any social media plan is to outline your objectives and goals. Create a list of goals you hope to achieve through the use of social media platforms that align with your organizations overall marketing objectives.
An easy way to get started with your list, or to make sure they are going in the right direction, is to create time-bound, relevant and measurable goals.

Know your audience 

This is the point in time where you need to conduct a little research. In order for your organization to be effective with social media, it needs to be on the right platforms, targeting the right audience. First, outline your ideal customer(s). Once you have this defined, research online for specific social media platforms and see what their typical demographics are. Do this type of analysis for each of your ideal customer(s).

Define tone and frequency 

Defining tone is how you will define your organization’s presence on social media. It’s critical to keep it in line with your overall marketing strategies as well as how you want your audience to perceive your organization. More often than not, social media might be the first place potential customers find your brand and first interact with it.

The second task you will want to do is create a content calendar that outlines each social media platform you are on, and how often you will be posting to each social media account. For example, you might tweet/re-tweet 6 times a day, whereas on Facebook you might only post one status update per day.

Identify your content value

It’s one thing to want to have social media accounts and to tweet or post a status here and there, but without relevant and engaging content, your social media goals will be tough to achieve. By identifying what it is your audience will get out of interacting and following your social media accounts, it will be more likely that they are willing to do so. Focus in on what you want to achieve with social media, whether its awareness, sales, etc., this will gauge how you tailor your content on what the value is behind each piece you push out on social media.

How to deal with a crisis 

One important aspect of the social media plan is to outline what would happen if a social media crisis were to occur. As social media accounts grow and more followers interact with your organization, it leaves room for negative comments to appear or even for a team member to mistakenly post content that offends others or causes a controversy. By taking the extra time to write down a plan to follow when an action like this occurs, it will make the overall process of handling it go more smoothly.

Create your social media accounts 

If you haven’t already done so, it’s time to set up all of your social media accounts. Be sure to fill them out as completely as possible from profile images and header images, to important information about your company/organization, address and contact or website information. This will make it easy to be found on social media and allow your audience to interact with you.

With all of that being said, its important to keep in mind all of your digital marketing efforts and to appear unified on all platforms. This also includes your website, which is where your potential customers are likely to go after visiting your social media sites.