Creating The Right Content For Your Buyer's Journey

Written by Kara Burns

At the core of Inbound Marketing is what we call the buyer’s journey. It’s the research and decision-making process leading up to the moment a consumer decides to purchase a product or service. Although the journey can vary from industry to industry, the types of content optimal for each stage will remain the same.

In this post, we dive into each stage of the buyer’s journey and the different types of content you can start optimizing for today!

To begin attracting customers, the content you produce needs to align with their interests. Through this method, you can attract, convert, close and delight your leads - also known as the Inbound Methodology.

A major component in the Inbound Methodology is the buyer’s journey, which is comprised of three main stages.

The Buyer's Journey Stages


This is the very beginning of the journey. In this stage, the consumer is most likely unaware that your company exists and the context of their need(s). At this point, it is your job as a marketer to simply provide content that informs the buyer of your company and what services or products you provide. From there, the buyer can begin to understand how you might be able to help them.

A key messaging strategy should focus on the buyer and what their needs are, and should not be based on your brand.


In between the Awareness and Consideration stages, the buyer will begin to identify their pain points and conduct research to narrow down their options. From there they will move into to the Consideration Stage.  At this point, the buyers will begin to identify a few final choices that offer the solution they are looking for, and will conduct additional research to understand who will provide the best option. 

During this stage, it’s important to structure your content around the bigger picture - increase revenue or drive ROI. More often than not, your buyers will need approval from upper management - utilize phrases that will capture their attention and trust.


In the final stage, buyers will pay attention to items such as implementation, start-up costs, and customer support. These will be at the forefront of their mind as they come to a final decision on which option will best serve their needs.

It is at this stage that you can create branded content that highlights why your company is the best out there and the most optimal solution to meet their needs.

Some important statistics to keep in mind while nurturing your buyers include:

  • Nine times out of 10, business buyers will find you when they are ready to make a purchase*
  • Nurtured leads generate approximately 20% more in sales opportunities*
  • 72% of your potential buyers will turn to Google for their research*
  • 70% of the buyer’s journey is complete before a prospect will reach out to sales*

*data via Pardot

Need content ideas for each stage? Check out the chart below: