Five Facts You Need To Know About Facebook Advertising

Written by Kara Burns

Facebook advertising has gained a lot of traction since it was first introduced. It’s now one of the go-to tools for digital marketers alike. Beyond its wide reaching, relatively low-cost options, it also has the ability to target very specific audiences. However, Facebook is known to switch things up on their users and advertisers more often than not, so we’ve gone ahead and outlined five facts you should know to keep on top of your Facebook advertising knowledge.

Five Facebook Advertising Facts

  1. Your Bid Strategy Should Change Based Upon Seasonality

    Facebook’s algorithm is based on a bidding system that includes several different factors to determine the price of an impression. If there are more bids at one particular time on specific targets, the price will go up. This is why on major holidays and popular shopping days such as Black Friday, prices are likely to increase for the ads you are trying to serve to your audience.

    It’s also good to keep in mind that your bid strategy won’t always work - instead if you have a longer running campaign, it is important to continually monitor the performance and adjust your bid based upon the results generated overtime.
  2. The Text In The Image Could Influence Delivery

    This one is pretty straight forward - the higher amount of text you have in your image, the less likely your ad is to show. When you include images with little to no text, Facebook will reward your ad with a higher frequency of delivery and lower cost per impression. If you are unsure if your ad will pass, you can check your ad image through Facebook’s Text Overlay Tool.
  3. You Can Limit Exposure On The Audience Network

    There are times when the Audience Network doesn’t drive the quality leads you are looking for. With that in mind, Facebook has two solutions for you to opt out of showing your ads there. The first is to simply exclude this option when selecting your ad placements. The second is to upload a list of websites you’d like to eliminate your ad from showing on.
  4. Different Placements Mean Different Strategies

    Facebook allows you to advertise across multiple devices for your advertising needs. However, it’s good to keep in mind that depending on the device, user behaviors can change along with different ad requirements. In order to optimize your ads accordingly, you can take the strategy of breaking up your campaigns and ad sets by device for maximum performance.
  5. Click To Chat Ads Are An Option

    This option isn’t as widely known as lead generation ads or traffic generation ads, but Facebook does offer this feature. This is a great way to provide customer service to your audience, especially those who have already come in contact with your website or know about your product. To set this up, simply start with the click to website campaign - from there you can implement this strategy.