Generate Leads With These Content Offers

Written by Kara Burns

With the growing popularity of inbound marketing, the demand for high-value, high-quality content is on the rise. In order to gain credibility with your target audience, and stand out against your competition, it’s important to invest in creating the content that will provide the most value. By utilizing several different pieces of content, you can start to generate more of the leads you are looking for.

In this blog article, we’ve outlined four key pieces of content you want to start incorporating into your inbound marketing plan for optimal lead generation.

The content you create should ideally cater to each stage of the buyer's journey and nurture your target audience until they convert to customers. Typically, by the time a user contacts a salesperson they are 70% of the way through the sale journey. In order to resonate with your target audience, each content piece should be personalized and coordinate with their needs.

4 Lead Generating Content Pieces:

White Paper

A longer form of content, written in a more formal manner compared to a blog post, white papers serve as an effective lead generating tactic. In order to ensure your white paper grabs the attention of your buyer personas, it should include the following:

  • Educational content
  • Ideas that promote formative thinking
  • Well researched content
  • A clear and concise point of view

This type of content offer can help show your expertise as well as begin to educate your target audience to build trust and credibility that will help lead them down the buyer’s journey.


Hosting a webinar can provide a window of opportunity to showcase your credibility and interact with prospective customers. In general webinars present the following benefits for lead generation:

  • The ability for prospective customers anywhere to join in
  • A platform to showcase your expertise and present new ideas
  • A free offer for your target audience to sign up for and interact with you
  • Allows for partnership opportunities to provide additional value to your audience

In order to maximize your lead generating results post-webinar, it’s important you implement the following tactics:

  • Showcase additional webinars you are hosting in the coming weeks/months
  • Provide an email follow up with a link to the webinar for their reference
  • Create a sense of urgency if you are providing an exclusive offer to the webinar participants


Although ebooks may take some time to assemble, once complete, they can serve as an invaluable lead generating tool that can be used time and time again. Additionally, you have the ability to direct the content towards the specific stage of the buyer’s journey you’re aiming to target. Benefits of using an ebook to generate leads include:

  • Their convenience to be easily downloaded
  • The ability for you to track downloads through CTA’s and links within the ebook
  • The ability to provide text alongside visuals and brand them specifically to your business

To ensure the best response possible to your ebook, it’s important to do the following:

  • Create an effective, yet impactful cover
  • Don’t create an ebook to sell, rather to educate your target audience
  • Write engaging content
  • Promote your ebook through several channels such as social media, a paid search campaign and on your website


Infographics provide a visual way to capture and educate your target audience. This type of content offer can easily be used to showcase facts and statistics that you want to present to your target audience, and can easily be shared via social media. In order to maximize your lead generation potential through your infographic, follow these best practices:

  • Create a blog post centered around your infographic to show it off
  • Include a CTA on your infographic
  • Offer social sharing buttons
  • Focus your infographic around a specific offer