How Targeted Ads Can Help You Connect With Your Social Audience

Written by Kara Burns

Social media has provided marketers with a brand new set of tools to add to their disposal of marketing tactics over the past decade. However, with social media becoming increasingly popular since the birth of Facebook and platforms such as Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram have come into play, there is a lot more noise surrounding the space - making it harder to truly connect with your target audience.

To overcome this challenge, there is one particular solution you can employ to drive meaningful traffic to your brand: Targeted Ads. Read on to discover why social ads are entirely worth it when trying to connect with your target audience.

First and foremost, spending a little bit of money on targeted social ads can take you places. While you may feel your budget is better allocated elsewhere, here are several reasons why ads will jumpstart the results you are looking for.

How Targeted Ads Help You Reach Your Target Audience

Expanded Reach

By implementing targeted ads, you can expand your reach far beyond your immediate audience. Those who have already followed you or liked your page know your brand. To cast a wider net, you need to be willing to allocate some budget to ads to get in front of new users. This will allow prospective users to like your page and interact with your content.

Demographic Targeting

Targeted ads allow you to choose who specifically you want to target. Examples of this include age ranges, locations, gender, and interests. From there, your audience will begin to grow with people genuinely interested in your brand.

Insight Into Your Audience

Facebook’s Audience Insights tool is extremely helpful to gather information about your audience. It gives you a deeper understanding into exactly who they are and where their interests lie. From there you can begin to create content that you know will resonate with them, thus generating higher engagement rates.

From there, you will start to see higher engagement rates, increased brand recognition and be able to create relevant content that resonates with your audience.

Best Practices For Implementing Targeted Ads


To effectively target ads on Twitter, make sure to include the following:

  • Interests
    • What users frequently tweet about
  • Followers
    • Target ads at competitors followers
  • Device
    • Which device type your ads will show up on (mobile vs. desktop vs. tablet)
  • Behavior
    • Who is most likely to click on ads
  • Keywords
    • Target ads at people who recently use keywords related to your product / brand



To ensure your ads are correctly targeting your desired audience on Facebook, be sure to target the following:

  • Demographics
    • Target language, location, age and gender
  • Interests
    • Choose from a list of interest categories Facebook tracks from users
  • Behaviors
    • Target based upon people’s behavior - ex: do they frequently click on ads
  • Connections
    • Facebook Targeted Ads


Targeted ads on YouTube work most efficiently when the following are properly included:

  • Demographics
    • Target people based upon location, age, and gender among other demographic data
  • Topics and Interests
    • Target based upon YouTube’s deduction of users interests based upon videos they’ve watched
  • Remarketing
    • Target people who have already shown interest in your company
  • Contextual Keyword
    • Make sure your ads show up for specific searches made within YouTube



LinkedIn ads work best and will most likely result in a higher ROI when the following areas are targeted through your ads:

  • Demographics
    • Similar to Facebook, you can target based upon age, gender and location
  • Groups
    • Target members active in groups relevant to your business
  • Skills
    • Utilize skills targeting to place ads in front of people with the skill set that fits your target audience
  • Schools
    • Place ads in front of people who attended specific schools
  • Company
    • Target specific companies or by size and industry
  • Job Title
    • If a particular role in an organization is what you need, target users based upon their job title
  • Seniority
    • If a job title isn’t what you are looking to target, you can also place ads in front of people who have been at a particular company the longest



If Pinterest is on your list of social media platforms for your audience, you can create effective ads by targeting the following:

  • Interests
    • Reach people based upon their specific interests on the platform - cooking, design, etc.
  • Keywords
    • Target people who are looking for specific keywords
  • Locations
    • Select specific user locations you want to target
  • Languages
    • Target users with whom speak specific languages
  • Devices
    • Pinterest Targeted Ads


Keep in mind, for each platform, first identify what your end goal is to have a way to measure your ROI. This can include driving website traffic, post engagement, page likes, etc, and from there you can effectively target your ads.