How To Create A Following For Your Small Business On Social Media

Written by Lauren Austin

Social media marketing (SMM) is difficult to tackle if you don’t have a solid knowledge and foundation of the correct techniques to practice and manage it.  This really comes in to play with small businesses that are managing their social media on their own. From a glance, social media appears simple with updates and posts to your business’s social media networks. However, there are strategies and processes that need to be executed in order for SMM to work for your business.

Below are Forward Digital’s recommendations for creating a following for your small business on social media:

Create A Plan

There is one major question you need to ask yourself before activating your social media accounts. What are you trying to accomplish? If you’re trying to bring in more business, and develop a large following on social media, then you need map this out when creating your plan. Once you have a strong understanding of what you’re trying to accomplish, you will be able to direct your efforts in the right direction. Being a small business, it’s more important to be really great at a few social media networks, rather than average at every social media network and their marketing tools.

Reach for loyalty 

After you develop your plan, you’re going to want to make sure you have a loyal following on your social media networks. In order to create that trust between your business and your customers, you need to interact with them on a daily basis. Focus on posting things like quizzes or polls to engage followers. You could even try running a live Q&A, or a competition. Seeking out their voice allows for you to connect with them, and shows them that you care about them.

Turn the relationship into sales

Once you've established loyalty with your followers, you can start posting sales-centered posts. This will turn your social media activity into online and offline sales. In order to make sure you don’t post too many sales-centered posts per week, focus on one or two sales posts weekly. That way your followers won’t feel overwhelmed with weekly sales and promotions. You want your followers to maintain the trust and loyalty that you worked so hard to gain.

We feel that if you always put your customer first, and make sure to focus on building trusting relationships with them, you can never go wrong. Social media marketing allows for you to connect with each customer personally. If you need guidance, or have any questions pertaining to SMM, check out our FREE 30 minute consultation below. We are here to answer all your digital marketing needs.