How To Create Remarkable Content

Written by Kara Burns

The term ‘remarkable content’ gets tossed around a lot. In fact, so much so that we might be losing sight as to why it is part of the core foundation that goes into producing a successful inbound marketing campaign. Creating content is one thing, but actually creating content that users will want to share, consume and really benefit from is where the remarkable side comes into play - and where you will see benefit to your marketing goals.

However, what differentiates content from remarkable content? We have compiled a list of five primary items that will clarify what remarkable content should look like - read on to learn more!
Inbound marketing allows your target audience to find you through a specific channel during their buying process. Through that, they will consume content that helps them move along their journey hopefully choosing to purchase your product or service. In order to get there, however, the content they consume from you must compel them to want to share it, learn from it and ultimately find value in it.

How To Create Remarkable Content

Envision Your Target Audience

The one thing you should take into consideration on each piece of content you create is your target audience. They are going to be the ones who share your content and soak up the information you are presenting. For example, let’s say your target audience is primarily middle-aged women who love to go running. A content piece focused around running would be ideal for them, while a younger woman who loves to golf might notice your content but not share it or truly benefit from it.

Present Your Content In A Unique Way

One way to stand out is to present your content in a format different than that of your competitors. If your target audience is used to seeing content repeatedly in blog format, try standing out by creating a more graphic approach with infographics or slideshows.

Provide Value

The one aspect your target audience will appreciate most is walking away from your content with value added to their day. A truly remarkable piece of content will make your audience stop and think about a topic or idea and challenge their way of doing things with the opportunity for improvement.

Provide Clear & Concise Messaging

The last thing you want is for your audience to be confused after seeing your content or to misinterpret it. One way to ensure your content is truly remarkable is to spend some time double checking your messaging is clear and easy to understand.

Include Data

By incorporating supporting data - whether that be your own or from a credible source - into your content, your target audience is likely to view your content as a trustworthy source and allows for your content to be on the right path to remarkable.

Creating remarkable content is one thing, but it’s another to successfully place it at the right place and right time so your target audience will see it. That’s where we come in. Check out how we can take your content to the next level and generate the results you have been looking for by clicking here.