How To Grow Your Business In The Digital Age

Written by Kara Burns

Now more than ever, promoting your business and having your content shine through online can be a difficult process. Writing blog posts, engaging in social media and optimizing your website only touch the surface. There are several tactics you can follow to increase your online presence, and be found amongst the thousands of pieces of content that are being produced simultaneously every day - so to help you out, we've compiled 4 tips on how to grow you business in the digital age!

Create An Enticing Offer

In order to ramp up your lead list and get your hands on emails and phone numbers, create an enticing offer. Landing pages are a great way to go about creating the offer, and will allow you to track your leads.This can be anything from an informational e-book or consultation to an exclusive discount, etc. Ensure that the offer is something you would want to give up your email for.

Invest In Stock Photos

The digital world is all about visuals. If you want any of the content you produce to stand out among the crowd, investing in high quality images will serve as a huge asset. It’s much easier for your target audience to share your articles if they are immediately attracted to them visually. Your click-through rates will more than likely also increase.

Make Your E-mail Blasts Valuable

Every email blast you create and send out should provide value to your readers. By offering up value and insight to your target audience, they will be more likely to read your emails and remember your brand in the forefront of their minds. Think about what you would want to read when receiving an email from another brand, and channel that into each and every email you create. 

Showcase Yourself As A Leader In Your Industry

No matter what you sell or provide, you are the best ‘seller’ of your business. Become the expert in your field, and showcase your business every chance you get. Every content piece you create, or offer you provide should show what you represent and provide value. When possible, get your name out there and interview with magazines or other thought leaders in your industry – this will help with increasing overall traffic, and put your business alongside other credible sources.

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