How To Start A Successful Blog

Written by Kara Burns

Now, more than ever, bloggers are popping up everywhere. With a simple search online, you can come across thousands of blogs discussing a wide variety of topics. However, in order to make your blog successful and be considered one of the more influential blogs, it takes a bit more than content creation. We have outlined several steps intended to guide you along to create a fully optimized, well-performing blog and get your target audience reading.

Why does your blog exist and who is your target audience?

First, take some time to outline why you are creating this blog. Some might be for professional reasons, while others are for enjoyment and personal reasons.  Each blog should serve a purpose that will entice your target audience.

Identify whom you want to read your blog and whom the blog will serve the most purpose to. By outlining the age, gender, occupation, education, etc. about who you want to read your blog, you will then have some insight as to how to create the content in the right context.

Add in your own creativity

Virtually every topic out there has been written on by multiple bloggers, so it’s important to add your own creativity. Think about why people would want to read your blog on a certain topic over another blog with the same topic. One of the best ways to make your content unique is to continually write with your personality and opinions, instead of trying to sound like someone else.

Never stop writing

It may sound a bit overboard, but it’s true: when you have a blog you want to always be writing new content – whenever possible. In order to gain traction and build up your blog, it’s important to post content at least once a week, if not more. Additionally, once you have a regular schedule in place, make sure to stick with it. As you gain readers, they will expect to see content regularly and you will be on your way to creating loyal readers.

Keep a professional look

Creating engaging content is very important, but it’s also important to maintain an overall clean, professional blog design. Maintaining an overall clean, professional blog design makes it easy for readers to navigate and understand.

Research your keywords

Search engines are constantly looking for the content most relevant to what users are searching for. In order for your blog to rank higher, start by creating a list of keywords that revolve around your blog and what you want to be found for. Then you will want to include those keywords in your blog posts to let search engines know what your blog is all about. The more you do this, the more likely your blog’s will appear higher and higher over time.

Always promote

There are several ways to get your content out there once it’s been written. Instead of just writing a blog post and publishing it to your site with the hopes that someone will find it, start by utilizing social media. This is one way to publish your posts in front of an audience, and has the possibility of being shared, liked, etc. From there, start by creating a list of influencers within your blog topic category and start commenting and linking to their blogs. This will also get your voice out there while promoting your blog.

With that being said, your blog goes hand in hand with your website. If you need some additional SEO help to fully optimize your website, download our FREE SEO guide by clicking the button below!