How To Take Your Instagram Marketing To The Next Level

Written by Kara Burns

Instagram serves as a great channel to visually engage with your target audience. If done correctly, the social media platform can boost your brand engagement overall. In order to gain valuable attention and engagement on Instagram, there are a few different actions you can employ to make it happen - read on to learn more!

Listed below are 5 strategies that will help boost your overall Instagram marketing goals.

1.  Show Off Your Company

The main reason this platform is so useful, is that it offers the ability to showcase everything through images. This is an effective way to build trust with your target audience and show them what your company is really like. Introduce team members and humanize your brand. Prodive your audience with a ‘behind the scenes’ look of parties hosted or events attended by your company.

2.  Hold A Contest

Encourage your followers to post photos of them with specific hash tags geared towards your business and an incentive – such as a product giveaway. This will get users engaged and allow them to advertise your business for you while increasing follower engagement and brand recognition.

3.  Promote On Other Accounts

If your business has other social media accounts, such as Twitter or Facebook, screen shot your Instagram post and share it on other social platforms as well. This is a quick and easy way to increase your number of Instagram followers, and it allows you to come full circle to make sure all of your social followers are aware of your Instagram account. 

4.  Continually Upload Content

By continually uploading new images and accompanying them with relevant hash tags, it will be easier for users for find and interact with your brand. Not every image needs to be from an exciting event, rather post content that will relate to your target audience and build a connection with them. Images can be as simple as a team meeting or even a picture of the office on a Friday.

5.  Include A Call-To-Action

Post an image or a quote that targets your audience and include a CTA such as ‘double tap if you agree’ or ‘tag the person who would share our giveaway with'. These not only encourage your audience to take an action, but can also be a great way to build up brand recognition if they are tagging their best friends, family or significant others in the comments section.

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