How To Write Catchy Blog Titles That Demand Attention

Written by Kara Burns

Many aspects go into creating a great blog post, but there is one thing that stands out above the rest - the title. You can write the most engaging, informative piece of content, but if it does not get clicked on, your content will not generate any interest.

In the world of content marketing, a click-worthy title is the best way to compliment your blog post. Read on to explore the top five tactics you can employ to create the headline your blog deserves.

When you first begin creating that perfect title, ask yourself the following questions:

  • How long should the title be?
  • How will I optimize it for social? Which social networks will I use to promote my blog?
  • Are there certain words I should use? Words I should avoid?

From there, the following tactics will fall into place:

Start with a rough draft

When you write a blog post, there are typically several re-writes and edits that will go into it before the published version is ready. Take this same tactic and apply it to your title - this is also known as your working title.

Your topic may be something as broad as 'spring cleaning', and your working title(s) would look similar to the following:

 "Top cleaning products for your spring cleaning"

"How to efficiently clean out your home this spring"

"Clean your house this spring in 30 minutes or less"

Although these are all different, they are still in the working title phase. From there you can work to tailor the title further to your content.

Always maintain accuracy 

There is nothing worse than clicking on a blog post only to realize that the content inside does not match up to what you were expecting. By ensuring accuracy in your title, you are setting clear expectations for your readers.

If you start to set unrealistic expectations, you will eventually start to lose reader's trust. Furthermore,  HubSpot conducted a study that found titles with added clarification such as [Infographic] or [Podcast] at the end performed 38% better than titles with less clarification.

Incorporate numbers into the title

If you take a look at the last blog you read, there is a good chance that the title included a number. Although no specific number will capture more readers than others, people are more likely to remember three to five engaging points.

With that in mind, larger or odd numbers such as 17 or 39 can stand out against other blog titles and capture a reader's' attention.


Use captivating adjectives

Using adjectives that demand attention in your title is a simple solution that will instantly allow your blog to stand out. Some examples include:

  • Essential
  • Fun
  • Effortless
  • Instant
  • Outrageous
  • Outstanding
  • Strange

Optimize the length for publishing

Depending on where you plan to publish your blog, it is important to take length into consideration. According to HubSpot, there are general guidelines you should keep in mind:

  • To rank high in search engine results a title should remain around 70 characters or less
  • To increase social shares on Twitter a blog title between 8-12 words proves to be an optimal length
  • To generate more likes on Facebook headlines with 12-14 words are ideal


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