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5 Time Tracking Tools When Your Team Works Remote


At Forward Digital, our entire team works remotely. From Las Vegas, all the way to Virginia, we have employees working all over the country. To be honest, remote work works well for our team. Because our #1 priority is to hire hardworking, self-disciplined, go-getters, we never have to worry about team members slacking off on projects or missing deadlines.

While we don’t have to worry about our team, we do have a pretty strict rule in place that states that every single person on the team (including our President!) must track their time efficiently. We don’t ask our team members to track their time to keep tabs on them - we ask them to track their time because it allows for the team to see how their day is spent. For project management purposes, it allows for us to bill our clients based on the hours we devote to each client.

Because we feel that tracking time is crucial to a business's development, we’re providing you with 5 of our favorite time tracking tools. Check them out!


Creating The Right Content For Your Buyer's Journey


At the core of Inbound Marketing is what we call the buyer’s journey. It’s the research and decision-making process leading up to the moment a consumer decides to purchase a product or service. Although the journey can vary from industry to industry, the types of content optimal for each stage will remain the same.

In this post, we dive into each stage of the buyer’s journey and the different types of content you can start optimizing for today!


The Ultimate Guide To Photoshop Shortcuts


Photoshop is an incredibly useful tool often used by designers, photographers and marketing agencies. It can take a simple image and transform it into an extraordinary work of art, or allow an effective marketing piece to be crafted out of nothing. With endless moving parts and tools that can do just about anything, even the most simple task can turn into an hour long project.

In this blog post we uncover the ultimate guide to Photoshop shortcuts that are sure to speed up your workflow and increase your productivity.


Gary Vaynerchuk Motivational Video

gary vaynerchuk motivational video

Motivation — Gary V style

Do you wake up every day feeling motivated and ready to take on the world?


10 Mobile Email Marketing Statistics You Need To Know


Email marketing provides an effective and personalized way to connect with your target audience, and is a huge part of our everyday lives. It’s estimated that 2.6 billion people use emails worldwide, and is expected to grow to 2.9 billion by 2019.

Email has moved past desktop and has taken the mobile and tablet market by storm. If you continue to create emails based upon desktop best practices, your emails are likely to see a decline in click through rate. We’ve searched high and low to bring you the ten most critical email marketing statistics to show you just how essential shifting to mobile is.


8 Free Stock Image Websites You Need To Use


Images are an essential element to any website, blog post, social media post, or content marketing piece. In fact, by including visuals, users are 80% more likely to read a piece of content. Additionally, with social media contributing to an expanding portion of digital marketing attention, visuals are an essential element in generating higher engagement rates.  That's where stock imagery comes into play, and it does not have to be as expensive as you might think. In fact, you can get high-quality stock images for free.

Yes, we said it - for free.

Read on to find out the top eight websites that offer free stock imagery you will love.