The INBOUND16 Quotes You Must Read

Written by Kara Burns

INBOUND16 was once again an unbeatable conference. From the keynote speakers such as Anna Kendrick and Serena Williams to the individual breakout sessions filled with industry leaders and, of course, Club INBOUND, our team had a great week in Boston (thanks, HubSpot!). While there, we compiled a list of share-worthy quotes for you to indulge in - some are downright hilarious, while others speak to the business and marketing world. Enjoy!

Our Top Quotes From INBOUND16

  • This is the greatest golden era of life & business, and we need to grab it - Gary V.
  • Does everyone understand we’re only going to live one time? - Gary V.
  • The most important thing is how you make your money, not how much money you make - Gary V.
  • People don’t need me to be to be selling them ‘body’ - Anna Kendrick
  • You have to pass the endurance test (early in your career) - Anna Kendrick
  • You have to let life shit on you for a little while - Anna Kendrick
  • The voice in my head is very mean to me - Anna Kendrick
  • I don’t need someone to remind me I ate shit, because I already know - Anna Kendrick
  • I put the emotion in a box and throw it out - Serena Williams
  • Never stop trying - Serena Williams
  • Innovation lives in the fringes - Teddy Hall

Let us know if you captured any inspirational, hilarious or marketing oriented quotes at INBOUND16 - we’d love to hear them! Tweet us @ForwardLasVegas. And finally, for additional entertainment, below are a few of our favorite moments from INBOUND16.

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