The Ultimate Guide To Photoshop Shortcuts

Written by Kara Burns

Photoshop is an incredibly useful tool often used by designers, photographers and marketing agencies. It can take a simple image and transform it into an extraordinary work of art, or allow an effective marketing piece to be crafted out of nothing. With endless moving parts and tools that can do just about anything, even the most simple task can turn into an hour long project.

In this blog post we uncover the ultimate guide to Photoshop shortcuts that are sure to speed up your workflow and increase your productivity.

Below are the top, most effective shortcuts that will speed up any project - happy designing!

Photoshop Shortcut Guide

Layer Shortcuts

New LayerScreen_Shot_2016-06-21_at_10.32.46_AM.png

Mac: Shift+Cmd+N

Windows: Shift+Ctrl+N

New Layer Behind Selected Layer

Mac: Ctrl+New Layer icon

Windows: Cmd+New Layer Icon

Fill A Layer - Foreground

Mac: Alt+Backspace

Windows: Alt+Delete

Fill A Layer - Background

Mac: Cmd+Backspace

Windows: Ctrl+Delete

Flatten A Layer

Mac: Cmd+Alt+Shift+E

Windows: Ctrl+Alt+Shift+E

Merge Visible Layers

Mac: Cmd+Shift+E

Windows: Ctrl+Shift+E

New Layer via Copy

Mac: Cmd+J

Windows: Ctrl+J

New Layer via Cut

Mac: Cmd+Shift+J

Windows: Ctrl+Shift+J

Copy Multiple Layers

Mac: Shift+Cmd+c

Windows: Shift+Ctrl+c

Group Layers

Mac: Cmd+G

Windows: Ctrl+G

Ungroup Layers

Mac: Shift+cmd+G

Windows: Shift+ctrl+G

Tool Shortcuts

Hand ToolScreen_Shot_2016-06-21_at_10.32.08_AM.png


Eraser Tool


Marquee Tool


Move Tool


Zoom Tool


Brush Tool



Mac: Cmd+R

Windows: Ctrl+R

Image Shortcuts

Image Size

Mac: Opt+cmd+I

Windows: Alt+ctrl+I

Canvas Size

Mac: Opt+cmd+C

Windows: Alt+ctrl+C

For a comprehensive list of Photoshop shortcuts, check out the infographic below (click to view larger):