10 Tips For Creating Call-to-Action Graphics That Convert

Written by Kara Burns

Choosing the right call-to-action, or CTA, can make or break your ability to drive conversions through your website. To help you drive more conversions, we've put together some helpful information and tips to help you create CTAs that convert!

What is a call-to-action (CTA)?

A CTA is a strategically placed graphic - usually a button - on your website or landing page. The goal of a CTA is to elicit a desired action from visitors, such as downloading an EBook, joining your email list or purchasing a product. When a user clicks your CTA, it's up to you to deliver on your offer.

Example CTAs include:

  • Sign Up for a Free Trial
  • Schedule For A Consultation
  • Download our New Case Study
  • Subscribe and Save 10%

Best practices for CTA graphics

Each CTA graphic you create should have a very specific goal in mind. It should also make it crystal clear to visitors exactly what value they're going to receive if they click on your offer. Below is a list of helpful tips to use when creating your next CTA.

Tips for creating CTAs that drive conversions

  1. Use action-oriented text
    Use words such as “Download”, “Schedule” or “Register” to make it clear to visitors exactly what you want them to do.
  2. Be concise
    Great CTAs compel action in 5 words or less.
  3. Location, location, location
    Make sure your CTA stands out on your website or landing page, and is placed at the ideal location within your text. In many cases, the ideal placement for a CTA is immediately after the closing text on the page.
  4. Choose the right color
    Your CTA should stand out - without being an eyesore. Choose a color that complements your brand, but doesn't get lost on the page.
  5. Create urgency
    Informing visitors of a "limited-time" or "while supplies last" offer can be an effective way to induce FOMO: Fear Of Missing Out.
  6. Be crystal clear about your offer
    Your CTA is not the place to be coy — make sure it tells visitors exactly what's going to happen next if they take you up on your offer.
  7. Remember that size matters
    You want your CTA to be clearly visible — not take over the entire page. Use your best judgment to size your CTA so it commands attention and fits appropriately on your website or landing page.
  8. Remember that shape matters, too
    Most CTAs feature either rounded edges or square edges, but you're not limited to those two styles. Just make sure the graphic you create fits naturally within the overall design of your website or landing page, and doesn't intimidate visitors.
  9. Don’t forget about white space
    In order to make your CTA stand out, make sure to leave plenty of white space around it to capture visitors' attention.
  10. Never stop testing
    The first CTA you use never going to be the best. To maximize your conversion rate over time, you should consistently test different CTAs. Just make sure to allow enough time to collect a meaningful amount of conversion data to compare, and never test more than two CTAs at a time.

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