Top 5 Social Media Management Tools

Written by Kara Burns

With the growing popularity of social media for businesses and the ability to now market to your target audience, it’s crucial to be able to manage it effectively. Depending on your audience, you may need to manage several platforms at once, which is where it can become time consuming. Thankfully, though, there are several social media management tools out there for your convenience.

Not only can these tools help manage your platforms, but they also have the ability to give you insight as to how your accounts are growing, as well as different statistics that will make it easier to put the right content out there. Below are the top 5 social media management tools available to you.


One of the more in-depth management tools, Hootsuite is integrated with 25 social media platforms and provides the ability for social media publishing, engagement, analytics and campaign management all in one dashboard.

Sprout Social

A tool catered towards analytics and the ability to schedule posts on multiple platforms, Sprout Social also allows you to assign tasks so that all social media messages and interactions are taken care of in a timely manor.


A user-friendly platform, Buffer has a built-in feature to create and publish images to your social media accounts. Additionally, it allows for staggered content scheduled throughout the day as well as an analytics feature.


As each message comes in, Sendible has the ability to analyze each one and highlight the important messages making it easy to identify which ones need responses quicker than others. Additionally, this tool allows you to engage with your audience and manage and analyze your posts. 

Social Flow

Ensuring that each post gets sent out at the most optimal time, Social Flow takes real time data to make sure your social media efforts are maximized and sent out to the right audience at the right time and allows you to see the results.

Social Media contributes a great deal to digital marketing. If you need help understanding more about digital marketing or want to know what you could be doing better, check out our FREE 30 minute consultation below!