Top Brands On Pinterest In 2016

Written by Kara Burns

Pinterest has steadily increased in popularity since its launch in March 2010. During its tenure, the image bookmark-based social media platform has transformed the its users discover DIY projects, find inspiration, and share ideas with the world.

top brands marketing on pinterest

With so many unique interest categories to peruse, nearly everyone can find their niche on Pinterest. Moving into 2016, the site now offers more options than ever — allowing businesses and marketers to expand their online presence. For this reason, Pinterest is a game-changer in the social media space.

In this article, we outline 5 of the top brands on Pinterest. In addition, we outline how each dominates the platform to gain new customers, engage existing customers, and build brand loyalty.

Starting off as a tool built primarily for designers, artists, photographers and “do-it-yourselfers”, Pinterest quickly evolved into a powerful marketing tool for brands. But before we outline 5 of the brands enjoying the most success on Pinterest, we want to provide you with a fun fact:

“Pinterest drives 300% more revenue per click than Twitter, and 27% more than Facebook”

With numbers like that, it's easy to see why brands are increasingly adding Pinterest to their social media marketing mix. Below we've outlined 5 brands who have enjoyed great success marketing on Pinterest:

5 brands that are killing it on Pinterest

L.L. Bean

From the company's inception back in 1912, L.L. Bean has grown into a household name, which is synonymous with quality clothing. In more recent years, L.L. Bean has figured out how to dominate the Pinterest scene. What stands out about their Pinterest page is the amount of followers — the brand has amassed more than 5 million followers with their 30+ pin boards.

So how do you get to 5 million followers? Well, for starters, it’s all about the content. L.L. Bean doesn’t post exclusively about their brand — they connect on a more personal level with people of diverse interests. Among their boards, you will find things such as “Camping”, “Outdoor Fun”, “Illustrations”, “Bean Boot Style”, and “Give Her The Gift Of Warmth”, among others. By consistently posting content that their audience cares about, L.L. Bean has created a devout following.


High-end fashion retailer, Nordstrom, has built an impressive Pinterest presence. With 4.4+ million followers (and counting), the brand has established a following much greater than that of comparable high-end fashion brands.

So what’s their secret? First and foremost, they're active! They have a massive number of pins — more than 443,000! Plus, their pins are strategically divided between 67 boards, which range in variety from travel, gifts, and fashion to work and wedding ideas. Basically, if you can dream it, Nordstrom has pinned it.

Their incredible reach is a big part of Nordstrom's success on Pinterest.


Many users adore Pinterest for its wide selection of creative DIY projects and home decor inspiration boards, which allow people to discover new ways of making their own creations at home. Lowe’s has taken the lead on Pinterest when it comes to these categories. With an impressive 3+ million followers, Lowe’s knows how to capture the attention of the Pinterest world.


A large part of Lowe's success comes from the brand's ability to not only promote their products/brand in a creative way, but also to provide a great deal of value to their audience — in the form of step-by-step guides, as well as innovative tips and tricks on a variety of DIY projects. This provides value to their audience, which keeps users coming back time and time again.

Kraft Recipes

Another brand that understands what it takes to draw an audience on Pinterest is Kraft Recipes. With over 350,000 followers and 20,000 pins, Pinterest users clearly take a liking to the content on their page.

One thing that has fueled Kraft Recipes' success on Pinterest is the brand's ability to create over 75 boards, featuring virtually any kind of recipe you would want — from categories like "comfort food" and "slow cooker recipes" to "simple smoothie recipes" and "holiday desserts." And to tie it all together, they use their products in the recipes, increasing the likelihood of users buying them.


The all-in-one paradise for all things "bespoke," Etsy also dominates on their Pinterest page. Their 100+ boards allow them to categorize virtually anything you could find on their website. And their nearly 1 million followers have caught on. 

Etsy-PinterestWhat makes Etsy a truly dominant player in the Pinterest space is their ability to make shopping on their site a breeze through social media. Each board categorizes items you can buy on their website. If you find something you like, simply click-through to their site and purchase the product!

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