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What are Cinemagraphs?


By now you’ve probably heard the term Cinemagraphs floating around the advertising world. This term was coined back in 2011 by two guys named Kevin Burg and Jamie Beck, which eventually became the foundation for what is turning into the next creative platform for advertisers and marketers alike. Read on to discover exactly what Cinemagraphs are and how you can start creating your own!


[Infographic] 2016 Holiday eCommerce Trends and Statistics


As the holiday season nears, consumers everywhere are paying more attention to their favorite retailers and exploring the best gift options for that uncle who is nearly impossible to buy for. It’s a time of year in which competition grows, and the urge to gain shoppers interests is a must - especially when it comes to generating the majority of their sales within just a few days.

For the third year in a row, we have gone ahead and compiled the top trends retailers are going to want to watch to outperform their competition and sell their merchandise to easily distracted consumers everywhere. Read on to check out our handy infographic highlighting 2016 holiday e-commerce trends and statistics.


How To Create Remarkable Content


The term ‘remarkable content’ gets tossed around a lot. In fact, so much so that we might be losing sight as to why it is part of the core foundation that goes into producing a successful inbound marketing campaign. Creating content is one thing, but actually creating content that users will want to share, consume and really benefit from is where the remarkable side comes into play - and where you will see benefit to your marketing goals.

However, what differentiates content from remarkable content? We have compiled a list of five primary items that will clarify what remarkable content should look like - read on to learn more!


The Ultimate Guide To Photoshop Shortcuts


Photoshop is an incredibly useful tool often used by designers, photographers and marketing agencies. It can take a simple image and transform it into an extraordinary work of art, or allow an effective marketing piece to be crafted out of nothing. With endless moving parts and tools that can do just about anything, even the most simple task can turn into an hour long project.

In this blog post we uncover the ultimate guide to Photoshop shortcuts that are sure to speed up your workflow and increase your productivity.


5 Reasons To Learn Photoshop Today


Adobe Photoshop helps designers and editors turn basic photos into masterpieces. In our opinion, it’s the best photo editing software available. Photoshop boasts unique tools that will help you edit and enhance your photos, as well as create custom graphics — with just a few clicks of your mouse.

While mastering Photoshop can take years of practice, it's very user-friendly. Plus, Adobe provides in-depth tutorials for beginners all the way through advanced users. Read on to learn why you should add Photoshop to your repertoire today!


The Rise Of Video Marketing


Video marketing has been around for decades. Recently, however, it has become one of the most influential digital marketing tactics. Why? Because video has the power to connect consumers and brands around the world — transforming attention into powerful engagement.

Read on to learn how integrating video into your marketing strategy can help catapult your company towards achieving its unique business goals.