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5 Digital Marketing Blogs You Should Be Reading


Digital marketing moves fast. Every couple of months there seems to be a new Facebook tool, a change in Google's ranking algorithm — or something completely new. Even those of us who are immersed in digital marketing every day have moments when we feel like we can’t keep up.

Whenever you start feeling lost, stay calm — there are some amazing people in the world who work tirelessly to keep us informed on all things digital marketing. In this post, we’ve compiled a list of five digital marketing blogs that are sure to keep your digital skills sharp. Read on to learn more!


Holiday eCommerce Trends and Statistics: 2015

2015 holiday eCommerce trends and statistics

Based on last year's holiday shopping data, experts predict that consumer retail spending will surpass $620 billion in November and December of 2015. And because holiday sales account for nearly half of some retailers' annual revenue, it’s essential that retail marketers understand their target customers inside and out.

That, however, is only half the battle. Read on to learn what marketers must do to rise above the noise and win customers' trust — and business.


10 Tips For Creating Call-to-Action Graphics That Convert


Choosing the right call-to-action, or CTA, can make or break your ability to drive conversions through your website. To help you drive more conversions, we've put together some helpful information and tips to help you create CTAs that convert!


How To Grow Your Business In The Digital Age


Now more than ever, promoting your business and having your content shine through online can be a difficult process. Writing blog posts, engaging in social media and optimizing your website only touch the surface. There are several tactics you can follow to increase your online presence, and be found amongst the thousands of pieces of content that are being produced simultaneously every day - so to help you out, we've compiled 4 tips on how to grow you business in the digital age!


Top 3 Projected Digital Marketing Trends for 2016


With less than four months to go in 2015, you should probably start researching the projected digital marketing trends for 2016. We know it’s difficult to look that far ahead - especially when you’re focused on finishing the current year strong, but you need to prepare yourself and your business for what’s to come. That way, you can already have a headstart on your competition as the year comes to an end. 

Rather than overwhelming you with a detailed list of projected trends for 2016, we’re going to provide you with our top three projected digital marketing trends for 2016.


5 Skills Every Digital Marketer Should Have


As Digital Marketers, there are several challenges we face on a day to day basis, but there will always be one continual challenge: the rate at which our industry is evolving. It takes more than just the ability to produce high quality content; rather it also takes the skills necessary to be relevant now and as the digital marketing world progresses. So, we have gone ahead and provided 5 skills every digital marketer should have if they want to keep growing.