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The INBOUND16 Quotes You Must Read


INBOUND16 was once again an unbeatable conference. From the keynote speakers such as Anna Kendrick and Serena Williams to the individual breakout sessions filled with industry leaders and, of course, Club INBOUND, our team had a great week in Boston (thanks, HubSpot!). While there, we compiled a list of share-worthy quotes for you to indulge in - some are downright hilarious, while others speak to the business and marketing world. Enjoy!


How To Create Remarkable Content


The term ‘remarkable content’ gets tossed around a lot. In fact, so much so that we might be losing sight as to why it is part of the core foundation that goes into producing a successful inbound marketing campaign. Creating content is one thing, but actually creating content that users will want to share, consume and really benefit from is where the remarkable side comes into play - and where you will see benefit to your marketing goals.

However, what differentiates content from remarkable content? We have compiled a list of five primary items that will clarify what remarkable content should look like - read on to learn more!


How To Run An Inbound Marketing Campaign


Inbound Marketing has revolutionized the way marketing agencies target their audiences. Tactics such as commercials, billboards, and direct mailers are no longer a sufficient and effective way for consumers to learn about new products. Instead, inbound marketing allows buyers to learn about and pay attention to goods and services when they are ready.

To run a successful inbound marketing campaign, there are several tactics that can be used to drive results. Read on to discover exactly what you need to implement your campaign today!


Creating The Right Content For Your Buyer's Journey


At the core of Inbound Marketing is what we call the buyer’s journey. It’s the research and decision-making process leading up to the moment a consumer decides to purchase a product or service. Although the journey can vary from industry to industry, the types of content optimal for each stage will remain the same.

In this post, we dive into each stage of the buyer’s journey and the different types of content you can start optimizing for today!


Generate Leads With These Content Offers


With the growing popularity of inbound marketing, the demand for high-value, high-quality content is on the rise. In order to gain credibility with your target audience, and stand out against your competition, it’s important to invest in creating the content that will provide the most value. By utilizing several different pieces of content, you can start to generate more of the leads you are looking for.

In this blog article, we’ve outlined four key pieces of content you want to start incorporating into your inbound marketing plan for optimal lead generation.


8 Statistics That Will Make You Love Inbound Marketing


Traditional marketing tactics are becoming less effective as consumers evolve. Billboards, radio ads, direct mail, print ads and other traditional marketing tactics still have their place, but savvy marketers have begun to embrace a new, more innovative approach to connecting with prospective customers: inbound marketing.

To illustrate just how impactful inbound marketing can be, we’ve outlined 8 fascinating statistics that show the success forward-thinking companies are having with inbound.