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Gary Vaynerchuk Motivational Video

gary vaynerchuk motivational video

Motivation — Gary V style

Do you wake up every day feeling motivated and ready to take on the world?


4 Best Practices When Working Remote


Remote work occurs when employees carry out their duties away from the office. Also known as telecommuting, workers use mobile technology (laptops, cell phones, etc.) to work from home, coffee shops, or other locations.

According to Fortune, remote work continues to trend upward, with 2014 posting a 26% increase in open remote job postings over 2013. In this post, we've outlined information and tips to help you master the remote work environment.


3 Things to Remember When You Feel Like Quitting


I don’t care who you are or what you do for a living – everyone feels like quitting at one point or another. But feeling like throwing in the towel doesn’t mean you’re a quitter – it means you’re human.

When times get tough and doubt overshadows our optimism, it’s essential that we remind ourselves of a few important facts. Doing so could dissuade us from abandoning great ideas or projects before they catch fire - keep reading to discover 3 things you'll want to remember next time doubt crosses your mind.


The Most Powerful Word You’re Not Saying Enough


Has anyone ever advised you to say “yes” more? It’s popular advice in today’s customer service-centric, value-add society. A simple “yes” can be powerful. It can also be toxic.

I’m here to make an argument for saying “no” more often. Curious as to why? Read on to learn exactly what I mean.