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5 Time Tracking Tools When Your Team Works Remote


At Forward Digital, our entire team works remotely. From Las Vegas, all the way to Virginia, we have employees working all over the country. To be honest, remote work works well for our team. Because our #1 priority is to hire hardworking, self-disciplined, go-getters, we never have to worry about team members slacking off on projects or missing deadlines.

While we don’t have to worry about our team, we do have a pretty strict rule in place that states that every single person on the team (including our President!) must track their time efficiently. We don’t ask our team members to track their time to keep tabs on them - we ask them to track their time because it allows for the team to see how their day is spent. For project management purposes, it allows for us to bill our clients based on the hours we devote to each client.

Because we feel that tracking time is crucial to a business's development, we’re providing you with 5 of our favorite time tracking tools. Check them out!


5 Project Management Tools That Will Help Your Team Stay Organized


How does your team stay organized? Do they do it they “old fashioned” way and write down their daily tasks in a notebook, or do they keep everything saved to their computer or hard drive?

We ask these questions because we know that everyone organizes their work day differently. Some people have great memories and don’t need to write things down, and others may need to document every single meeting and team call to make sure they don’t miss a thing. In this post, we've outlined five amazing project management tools that will help your team stay organized and efficient!


The Hottest Marketing Startups Of 2016


As 2016 starts to take shape, the marketing world continues to evolve and adapt to the new year. As part of this evolution, there are countless marketing startups vying for the spotlight. However, only the most successful startups will understand where demand is growing and be able to connect with their target audience in an impactful way — essentials for long-term growth and stability.  

In this post, we've outlined 5 marketing startups that we feel stand out above the crowd, and deserve your attention as 2016 heats up. Happy marketing!


4 Best Practices When Working Remote


Remote work occurs when employees carry out their duties away from the office. Also known as telecommuting, workers use mobile technology (laptops, cell phones, etc.) to work from home, coffee shops, or other locations.

According to Fortune, remote work continues to trend upward, with 2014 posting a 26% increase in open remote job postings over 2013. In this post, we've outlined information and tips to help you master the remote work environment.


Want to Land a Job at a Startup? Do these 3 things


Forward Digital is hiring. Naturally, I'm knee deep in résumés and LinkedIn requests. Several of the applicants I've screened to date have done a great job, creating a strong first impression. An alarming number have not. As a result, I feel compelled to offer those folks some advice - and have gone ahead and listed the top 3 ways in this post - I hope it helps!


Startups: Forget Sales & Marketing


Having traded the comfort and security of a solid job at a growing ad agency for the risk and uncertainty of self-employment, I’m speaking as much to myself as I am to other entrepreneurs and startup warriors when I say:

For startups, sales and marketing should NOT be your top priorities - keep reading to see what I mean.