Using LinkedIn For Business Outreach

Written by Lauren Austin

LinkedIn is a professional social networking site that helps its members connect with their colleagues and business contacts all over the world. What differentiates LinkedIn from social networks like Facebook and Twitter is that LinkedIn was designed specifically for the business community. Read on to discover 4 tips to help you leverage LinkedIn for business outreach and networking!

LinkedIn is, without a doubt, the premier social networking site for business professionals. However, there's a common misconception that LinkedIn is just a place for unemployed people to find a job (or for employed people to find a new job).

Sure, LinkedIn is a great place to both find and market career opportunities, but its value doesn't stop there. Millions of people access LinkedIn every day to share, learn, connect, research, sell and even buy. And if you're not using LinkedIn to do the same, chances are you're missing out on opportunities!

4 ways to get the most out of LinkedIn

1. Recruit top talent

If you’re looking to hire top talent to help grow your business, LinkedIn has you covered. The site offers tons of great tools to help companies find potential employees that have certain degrees, skills and experience.

Beyond the basics, LinkedIn also offers highly sophisticated hiring through its paid talent acquisition solutions. Many of the top recruiters in the country - and around the world - rely on LinkedIn to find and hire the best talent available. Isn't it time you start doing the same for your business?

2. Help people find your business

In addition to allowing business professionals to create profiles to market their skills, LinkedIn allows companies to create profiles, as well. Setting up a company profile is quick and easy, and it's something every business should do!

Just make sure your company profile accurately represents your brand, your company's mission and vision, the products or services you offer and how people can contact you. You can also include a link in your profile to drive interested parties to your website to learn more about your company's offerings. Plus, you can even share news and content with the people who follow your company! 

3. Communicate with colleagues, customers and prospects

Have you ever emailed an old friend or colleague using their work address, only to get a bounce back notification a few seconds later informing you that the email address you're trying to reach no longer exists? It happens all the time.

LinkedIn solves the problem of out-of-date contact information by allowing members to directly message their contacts directly through the site's messaging platform. The result is a Rolodex that's always current!

Plus, there are certain times when sending a "cold" email can send the wrong message. For example, you may not want to email a potential job candidate - or a prospective customer - out of the blue. After all, it's extremely difficult to overcome a bad first impression. In these cases, sending a personal note along with a request to connect on LinkedIn can be a great way to introduce yourself to someone without them wondering who you are, what you want or how you got their email address.

4. Prospect and connect with potential customers

If you're a salesperson and your ideal prospect is the Director of Marketing at a software company that has 20-50 employees and primarily services companies in the telecommunications industry, LinkedIn can help you find and connect with that person!

Plus, LinkedIn's profile organizer allows you to save members' profiles so you can quickly and easily find them in the future. This tool will save you time and help keep you organized by storing prospective customers' information in one place. Imagine what you can do with tools like that!

What are you waiting for?

The sooner you start using LinkedIn as more than just a job search / hiring tool, the faster you'll realize what an amazing business tool it is.

If you’d like to learn more about how you can use LinkedIn to build your brand, grow your sales and connect with prospective customers, click the link below to request a 30-minute marketing consultation. The consultation is free, and we promise not to pester you with sales calls and emails after you hang up.