What are Cinemagraphs?

Written by Kara Burns

By now you’ve probably heard the term Cinemagraphs floating around the advertising world. This term was coined back in 2011 by two guys named Kevin Burg and Jamie Beck, which eventually became the foundation for what is turning into the next creative platform for advertisers and marketers alike. Read on to discover exactly what Cinemagraphs are and how you can start creating your own!

What are Cinemagraphs?

In a nutshell, Cinemagraphs are images with movement. Part of the image remains static while a small part of the image moves slightly, breaking the mold of standard images. By highlighting certain movements within an image, you can begin to tell a story and call out what is most likely to grab the attention of your target audience.  Generally speaking, Cinemagraphs should be around 8 - or less -  seconds long and rotate in an automatic loop appearing seamless.

What are the best places to utilize Cinemagraphs?

  • Social Media
    With social media being an integral part in digital marketing, it’s important to maintain a competitive edge. By creating cinemagraphs, you are pushing your brand to the forefront of your competition and grabbing the attention of your target audience.
  • Email
    Another aspect of a strong digital marketing strategy is incorporating email. While it’s getting harder and harder to get users to open and read through your emails, Cinemagraphs can help increase your target audiences overall attention. Several marketers have started to incorporate GIF’s, however moving to a more forward thinking approach is to include Cinemagraphs.
  • Website
    Take your website content to the next level by incorporating Cinemagraphs into your pages. By doing so, you will allow your content to tell a much more interactive story and give your users a better overall experience. 
  • Banner Ads
    When users are on a website being served several banner ads at a time, it can become difficult to stand out and generate interest. By utilizing Cinemagraphs, your ad will automatically have a higher chance at capturing attention and an a potential increase in CTR by 5.6X.

Examples of Cinemagraphs

Check out our examples of Cinemagraphs below - we used a tool called Flixel to create them, which is an easy and effective way to start creating some of your own!