What is Snapchat Memories and how does it work?

Written by Kara Burns

Snapchat was first made popular by providing the ability to share content instantly while having it disappear seconds later. It revolutionized the way we experienced moments with our friends without the need to be there. The company has since expanded its capabilities; introducing ‘Stories’ in 2013, and now a new feature called ‘Memories’.

While the social media platform may be trying to expand their offerings, there may come a point that it starts to blend in with all other social media sites. Read on to discover what Snapchat Memories is and how Snapchat is starting to adapt to the future.

In the former Snapchat world, your images and videos were shared and deleted - no record of them could be kept unless your friends grabbed a screenshot, or you discovered the ability to download them to your phone.  Now Snapchat provides a variety of options when it comes to your Snaps with their newest feature called ‘Memories’.


How Does Snapchat Memories Work?

First and foremost, the newest feature offers four sections / folders: Snaps, Stories, Camera Roll, and My Eye’s Only (a password protected folder). Memories is essentially a way to store all of your Snaps in one place.

To save a Snap to the ‘Snaps’ folder, tap the icon in the lower left hand corner of the screen. All filters or additional changes you made the Snap will still be available later to edit. You will also see any images you’ve imported once the new feature is activated.

The Camera Roll folder showcases all images on your device that have been taken outside of the app. This also allows you to send photos taken elsewhere to your friends on Snapchat. You now have the ability to take Snaps from the Snaps and Camera Roll folders and send them to your story - these will now be saved in the Stories folder.

To send previous Snaps or images from your Camera Roll, hold down the photo - from there you can send as is or add text, emoji, or doodles to the Snap. Keep in mind, though, every image you add to your story that was taken beyond a 24 hour period will be shown with a time stamp of when the image was originally taken.

‘My Eyes Only’ is perhaps the most intriguing part of the new update. This is a unique, password-enhanced space for all your ‘personal’ Snaps that you don’t want readily available to anyone else. The folder gives you the option of having a 4-digit passcode or a phrase. However, if you need to do a password reset, all your Snaps in the folder will be deleted.


Other features worth noting include the search function and ‘Taken Near By," which can identify images you took around the same location. Additionally, the search option allows you to search for images by its object recognition technology. Type in a word such as ‘water’ or ‘palm trees’ and the app will bring up photos with those objects in them. While this feature hasn’t been completely perfected yet, it’s a convenient way to search for past Snaps.


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