Why Is Paid Search Important For My Business?

Written by Kara Burns

With consumers searching online every second of the day to help make their buying decisions, it’s more important than ever to take up as much online real estate as possible to beat out your competition. Even if your brand is already exceeding revenue expectations, imagine what the results would look like with a strategic digital marketing tactic in place that produces instant traffic to your website and landing pages.  That’s where a paid search campaign comes into play.

By employing paid search for your business, you not only compliment your overall SEO strategy, but you have more control over placing your brand at the top of search engine results versus relying on organic results. Additionally, you can increase the number of click-throughs you see to your website or landing page(s), as well as increase the probability of conversion rate.

When your paid search campaign is setup correctly, the benefits of investing in PPC (paid search campaign) can significantly outweigh any concerns you may have. Below are five reasons why you should invest in paid search today.

Five reasons to consider paid search advertising

You Only Pay When Someone Clicks Your Ad

This is as straightforward as it comes. With paid search, you have metrics to show exactly where your money is going. Unlike traditional marketing where you pay for a media placement and hope it turns into revenue, paid search is based on a different model. With each click, you have a higher probability of conversion because interested consumers are most likely clicking on your ads.

Control Your Own Costs

Perhaps one of the more attractive characteristics of PPC is the ability to manage your budget. Set your daily budget and change / adjust it as often as you want. Depending on your industry, the competitiveness of your keywords and the results you expect to see, will all play a role in the budget you will need to set aside for your campaign.

Target Your Audience At The Right Time With The Right Ad

Paid search campaigns have a variety of options when it comes to targeting your audience how and when you want to. First and foremost, you can target your audience by a particular device - desktop, mobile, and tablet. You can target all three or only one if you prefer. Additionally, you can set the time of day you would like your ads to run as well as location targeting allowing you to hone in on exactly where your target audience is.

Show Up In Search Engine Results Fast

While you also want to focus your efforts on driving a successful organic search results campaign, a paid search campaign can drive those results on an accelerated scale. If you started a campaign today, by tomorrow or the next day you could potentially be seeing an increase in overall traffic, lower bounce rate, and higher conversion rate.

Paid Search Can Open Up Insight Into Other Marketing Channels

Paid search allows you to understand which keywords are working well for your business and which ones are not. This can in turn help identify areas of opportunity for other marketing channels. Additionally, PPC can be used for testing out the demand for a new product or service, as well as short-term promotions for events to drive interest.

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