Why We Love Display Advertising, and You Should Too!

Written by Kara Burns

Marketing is the life behind nearly every business. With so many different ways to market to your target audiences, it’s hard to grasp why throwing another medium into the mix is really worth it. However, if you aren’t already on the display advertising train, it’s time to take it into consideration. With endless ways to integrate your different types of display advertisements, you are sure to get in front of your target audience - and who wouldn't want that?

Digital Takeover

First and foremost, anything digital is taking over. We're sure you're aware of the countless number of devices to connect to the world on these days. So there is a pretty good chance your target audience is going to be found in the digital space. Display advertising can reach them on desktop, tablet or mobile devices.


The technology in which display advertising is implemented has developed leaps and bounds from its early days.  Today you can take one advertisement and market it to specific websites related to your audience, specific genders, keywords, and even age groups, among others. This alone makes display advertising something to consider implementing into your marketing plan.

Brand Recognition

When you implement your display ads and they start appearing in Google searches or on websites your target audience visits, your brand recognition with start to increase. It’s imperative in today’s marketing world to be able to gain trust from your audience and have them recognize your brand first, over your competitors.

No Contracts

If you think about it, display advertising is at your own will. It’s a strategy you can implement when you want to or stop it when you don’t. With the flexibility behind this marketing strategy for your business, it can provide an easy way to update your marketing plan with control of cost, length of time and how many ads you want to run.


One of the great features behind display advertising is the analytics. Knowing exactly what your audience is clicking on or not clicking on can be huge when bench marking against your competitors. It provides good insight data for you as well to keep your ads relevant and interesting to maximize your marketing goals.

If you already use display advertising but have questions or want an assessment of how to go about having someone provide it for you, check out our website for more information on our display advertising services and see if we can help you!